southgateWe can search for your dream property in Bath

Buying a new home is one of the most stressful things that you can possibly do. If you are relocating from another area or from abroad it is often impossible to spare enough time to travel to Bath and then view countless properties that prove to be completely unsuitable. Trawling through properties on the internet can give you a good idea but nothing beats an actual visit – that near by factory or telegraph pole in the garden will not be shown on the property details!




Talking to estate agents on your behalf

We are an independent company and hold no links with any estate agents. We work hard to find your perfect house, taking all of your requirements and applying our expert knowledge of the Bath area to make a short list of the houses that would suit you. We also negotiate on your behalf with estate agents to get you the best price possible. We can help you find all types of properties, from main homes and retirement homes, to investment properties and weekend retreats. We can find properties of all sizes and prices. Sometimes the best properties are sold before they even hit the market, our close contacts with local Estate Agents can secure an early viewing. All you need to do is tell us what your criteria is and we will begin our search for you.


Having been established since 2005, we have built up great relationships with other companies and individuals within the property sector in Bath. These include  Solicitors with excellent local knowledge and an Independent Financial Advisors.